Out of control financially?

I have noticed an increase in requests for guidance with personal and business budget making.

I have a practical approach to sitting down with clients and creating a budget. It helps my clients see at a glance their monthly income and expenses.

We review areas that can be cut back on and ways that you can save with consolidating. Whether you're a student fresh out of college and would like to learn how to balance your checkbook and end those costly bank charges or a couple with eight credit cards, daycare, loans and an endless list of monthly expenses I can help.

I am an accountant with practical experience, not a debt consolidation service. We will create a month by month budget so you know exactly where your money is going and to show progress as balances are paid down.

Let me help you take charge of your finances. I will be available to you for support as often as you need. Many find that a quarterly check up is very helpful.


Cincinnati, Ohio
& Harrison, Ohio

Servicing Cincinnati

Monday - Friday:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

2018 Tax Facts

Mileage Rates

Business - .545 /mile
Medical - .18 /mile
Moving - .18 /mile
Charitable - .14/mile

Retirement Contributions

Maximum 401(k) $18,500 Maximum Simple IRA
Maximum Taditional & Roth IRA - $5,500

Catch-Up Contribution Limits - For individuals at least 50 years old by year end
401(k) $6,000
Simple $3,000
Individual IRA $1000


Certified QuickBooks and
Point of Sale ProAdvisor

Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals

We accept Major Credit Cards